UKIP: Not as Bad as You Thought? (Actually, Worse!)

I usually abstain from political debates, as I don’t generally know enough about finer policies. However, when my Dad recently confided in me that he would be voting UKIP for the European elections, I couldn’t stop myself from engaging in a heated debate about the pros and cons of UKIP.

I learned two things during this argument:

  1. I disagree wholeheartedly with a great many of my Dad’s opinions (though that I already knew)
  2. I actually didn’t know much about UKIP as a party.

In truth, most of my hatred towards UKIP had previously stemmed from generalisations: They’re racist, sexist, homophobic, and pretty much everything that tends to be bad about far right parties. These generalisations are all still true, but since then I’ve gone forth and educated myself on some of UKIP’s ideas and policies. Needless to say, I’m even more horrified than beforehand.

So, without further ado, here is what I found, the list of reasons why the thought of UKIP having power absolutely terrifies me.

  • They want to scrap paid maternity leave and anti-discrimination policies.

In short, UKIP’s vision of the future is one in which good workers can be fired for being female, gay, trans*, black, or a whole other array of social minorities. Oh, and let’s not forget the bit about how many women are going to have to raise children in poverty.

  • They do NOT support women’s right to equal pay

In a European Parliament vote regarding women receiving equal pay for equal work, not a single UKIP member voted in favour of equality. Either they voted against, abstained from voting, or were absent.

  •  “business owners should be free to turn people away for whatever reason they choose – be they gay, black, or a woman”

Presented without comment

  • They want to reverse the hunting ban

UKIP claims to be a strong advocate for the welfare of animals, but their actions seem to outweigh the words here. Their manifesto claims to allow county referendums to reverse the hunting ban at a local level

“UKIP have a terrible stance on animal welfare and aggressively vote against any form of animal welfare laws possible, even laws against poaching endangered animals such as elephants and rhinos.” – Animal Rights UK.

  • Nigel Farage has called for UK gun laws to be relaxed.

Because, of course, it’s working out great for America.

These are not, by far, all of UKIP’s bad policies. However, I do believe that issues like these are under-represented by the media and over-shadowed by UKIP’s stance on immigration. Regardless of whether or not you believe immigration restrictions are inherently racist (which I do, though I am aware that it is economically more complicated than that) I believe that these policies are something that everybody should know about before voting for, and/or engaging in a debate about the UKIP party.

So, debate away! Preferably in the comments! Did you know about these policies? What do you think of them? Please let me know about any other policies of UKIP’s that make you rage, or perhaps policies that you do agree with. As you’ve probably figured out, I do love a good debate! (speaking of, I’m off to go and tell my Dad about these…)


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